28mm – Games Workshop – Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers (Conversion KoW Ogre Army Standard Bearer)

I finished this single piece to ends the content of the Ogres Leadbelchers box, which contains 4 figures. In KoW 4 is a bad number for Ogres, you can rank 3 or 6.. so the remaining figure should be something different to a Boomer. I converted the figure, changing gun’s arm position, with some green stuff, cut here, cut there..
Base is made with cork fragments.
Some work is done with airbrush, as i’m trying to practice, a mixed technique airbrush/brush.
Although i don’t dislike the result i prefer the skin tone used in the Boomers. Anyway was interesting to try a different skin tone.













    1. Thank you Eric,
      Well, i’m not a professional painter, but i always found blue one of the more grateful colours to highlight. It don’t haves too much mystery, it’s done just mixing the base blue with white, increasing the proportion of white, and decreasing the area you are applying the new mix. I usually follow the next process:
      1. – Base blue
      2. – Dark blue wash to increase contrast (Optional, if base blue isn’t very deep)
      3. – If you applied the wash, a first highlight must be done with base blue. (Optional, if you applied step 2)
      4. – First mix of white + blue colour. This is the critical one, can’t be too striking, so proportion should be something like 1:4.
      5. – Continue adding white to the mix, painting each time less area. Repeat this step till you can/want.
      6. – If you raised and almost white colour in step 5, you can do a final highlight with pure white. In very very tiny edges.

      Instead of pure white you can also use bone white for the whole process.
      I usually use Vallejo paints and Army Painter washes.


      1. The wash was for sure Army Painter blue wash.. the blue is a Vallejo colour, maybe intense blue, let me check later at home to see if i found the exact ones (trousers and shoulder shield).
        The beard is a different colour, probably a Citadel ones. I will check later too.

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