28mm – The ASSault Group – Ottoman Deli

Deli are probably a less known type of Ottoman light cavalry, but for sure they are a very beautiful topic to paint, and a challenge.

If you look a bit, will find some amazing illustrations about the fierce aspect of these warriors, and TAG did a pretty good work depicting them.

Specially some of the command figures, caught the essence of many of that illustrations.

They are mix of bows and lances, almost all of them wear furs and there is also a well bunch of wings attached to helmets or shields.

In particular the two figures wearing double wings on helmets, are absolutely amazing, and the winged shield, is another great feature.

The guy with the green stripes shield, is one of those double winged, and it’s clearly inspired by one the illustrations mentioned. I must say, these wings are very fragile. Sadly i broke one while dry brushing 🙁 and even if glued i don’t think it will last too much in position once the games and transportations starts.

Horses also wear a variety of furs. I tried to paint them in a variety of colors, but the leopard ones, are always a challenge to me, and i don’t feel like they looks too good this time.

I highly recommend these figures to give more variety in the Ottoman Cavalry.

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