28mm – The Assault Group – SIpahi with Swords

This is the first group of Sipahi by The Assault Group i’ve painted, another two, one of them “of The Porte”, are still waiting to be finished.

Figures are pretty good as all the range by the brand. I like the big shields, although maybe i didn’t get best of them with the easy chess-board and stripes designs.

All the figures wear almost same clothes, there is a mix of helmets, shields and some of them also carry bows.

They ride same horses you can get with the Akinjis, and some of the helmets and figure appearance, ressemble a lot to those Akinjis. That would be my only criticism to these figures, i would have expected bit more differences making them look higher rank than Akinjis.

I tried a more color full paint this time, and all the tunics got some decoration, to difference them.

All the Ottoman Empire XVI-XVII Army:

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