28mm – Reaper Bones & Warlord Games – KoW Kingdoms of Men – General on Winged Beast

To end for today, a work i ended a couple of months ago, but never found time to take pictures. It’s a Reaper bones dragon, over a LOTR ruins reworked, raided by a Warlord Games cavalry man from their ECW range. Most of the work here was done by airbrush, except final lights and shadows and the rider figure.
He’s part of KoW army, kingdoms of men, in fact, he is the general of the army. Hope he will perform well in the battle.
I enjoyed a lot doing this, first of all, because it’s for me and not commissioned, second because it’s another try to improve my airbrush usage, and last one because i like it, and like how dangerous can be on a KoW battle.
The Reaper dragon it’s a nice piece, cheap, very cheap for his size.










    1. Thank you Mat ! Sure yours will look great too, nowadays there are a lot of Dragons available for a reasonable price, you can go even quite bigger than this one if you like. Only problem is the base size, bigger than 50×50 is allowed, but it’s a handicap for you, as you will expose more flank, but such big beasts are very hard to keep in the 50×50 size, only possible if they stand up only over rear feet, but many of them become unstable.

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